Dial Pulse to Touchtone DTMF Converters

Many VOIP devices with FXS ports do not support traditional rotary dial phones.
One possible solution (untested) is a Dial pulse to DTMF (Touchtone) converter between the rotary dial phone and the VOIP FXS port


  • Dial Pulse Phone <-----> Pulse to DTMF converter <-----> VOIP FXS port on a SIP ATA

Some possible choices:

Known to work, tested:
  • Dialgizmo Pulse to Tone Converter - Approx $40
    • Will convert rotary pulse dialing to DTMF tone. Allows dialing of * and #, speed dial and LNR
    • Works well with the lower line voltages found on some ATA FXS ports
    • Source: http://www.dialgizmo.com
  • Oldphoneworks LPT-310 Pulse to Tone Converter - $49.95
  • Rotatone Pulse to Tone Converter - $39.95
    • Designed for installation within a Rotary dial telephone. Some technical expertise required for installation. Adds *, #, Speed Dial, Last Number Redial and Hotline functionality to a rotary phone. Installation services available. Swedish and New Zealand versions available. http://www.rotatone.com

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