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Dialexia Communications is an award-winning Canadian telecommunications software & services company specialized in the development of innovative VoIP business phone solutions for corporations, small businesses & telephony resellers alike. The company also provides custom-built PBX applications to meet the needs of clients in specific sectors, notably education & hospitality.

Dialexia strives to offer innovative and reliable solutions to its customers, ensuring that they enjoy excellent value for competitively-priced, practical products that provide outstanding return on investment. The company's current activities are focused on hosted markets & cloud computing for VoIP technologies. Ultimately, the company aims to achieve a convergence between standalone and hosted PBX solutions, targeting large-scale markets.

In the 13 years since its foundation, Dialexia has become one of North America's leading providers of VoIP phone system software, serving customers around the world.

Designed with ease of use & cost-effectiveness in mind, Dialexia software solutions allow businesses to replace their outdated analog phone systems with functional, lightweight & affordable voice-over-IP alternatives.

Whether you decide to re-use the existing analog phones in your office, or to upgrade to IP phones, Dialexia’s hosted and on-premise PBX solutions will allow you to access VoIP-specific rates from your service provider and reduce phone bills by up to 50%, in addition to releasing you PBX maintenance costs and/or lease rates.

Being 100% software-based, Dialexia phone system solutions can be purchased outright for a fraction of the cost associated with traditional PBX upgrades. And by contributing in the routine administration of business affairs, they can help boost productivity, limit the impact of human errors & serve customers more efficiently. Each and every Dialexia software solution includes useful features aimed at satisfying the needs of customers, businesses & operators alike:

-Integrated billing
-Voicemail & messaging
-Web-based administration
-Call privilege management
-Third-party integration
-Music on hold
-Cost & statistics reports
-Device provisioning
-Failover Support

To find out more, visit www.dialexia.com

Products & services:

Where to buy: www.Dialexia.com or 514-693-8500

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