Dialmonster DID services

Dialmonster.com is a leading long distance international DID (Direct Inward Dialing) and prepaid phone cards distributing company. The company was established in 2002 with the goal of developing secure and efficient business models that would allow customers to get the best long distance calling rates available on the internet without spending significant amount of time searching for alternative products and to make purchases instantly and securely.

Dialmonster.com lets you use your Internet connection to make and receive phone calls using our VoIP network. We offer DID (Direct Inward Dialing), PC to Phone, PC to PC, and Phone to PC and phone to phone telephony on most competitive rates.

Dialmonster.com makes the purchasing process very simple and allows customers to receive the telephone services instantly. Right after a transaction is processed, customers are able to receive PINs and instructions instantly, as a copy is sent to their e-mail address. The whole process can take less than a minute.

Dialmonster.com uses one of the most secure online payment processing systems from 2Checkout. This provides the most secure environment for processing your transactions. Your credit card transactions are always safe and secure.

Dialmonster.com has also developed the wholesale program, which allows resellers to sell the products and earn commission. The wholesale process is very simplified and offers resellers an easy opportunity to order and to sell phone products.

The DialMonster network allows these businesses to quickly obtain international numbers terminated to their VoIP equipments anywhere in the world. These VoIP equiptments could be softwares or hardwares.

DialMonster offers a complete set of services for individulas as well as for businesses.Some of our services are listed below.

Phone to SIP (Virtual Number to Computer)
Phone to Phone (Virtual number to Land Line)
PC to Phone (Computer to Land Line)

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