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Telephony and VoIP Board Families from Dialogic

Dialogic has a number of telephony interface boards product families, with some degree of overlap between the ranges. Despite the overlap many are still in production due to the loyal customer base for each, and due to the large number of products/applications that depend on the telephony APIs on the different platforms.

Still in production as of August 2010:

Media Boards

DM3 media board (generally designated DM/V). Many models with different interface options, and combinations of TDM, IP, voice and fax capability. GlobalCall/R4 API.
JCT media board (generally designated D/xx, e.g. D/300, D/4 etc). Many models with different interface options, and combinations of TDM, voice and fax capability. GlobalCall/R4 API.
DMN comparable to DM3 but for Compact PCI rack format.
Note that PowerMedia HMP while not strictly a 'board' is a software adapter (for VoIP, video etc) conforming to the same GlobalCall/R4 API as the above.

Diva media board. Encompasses Diva UM (unified messaging - with added fax capability), Diva V (voice boards) and a variety of interfaces (T1/E1/PRI, BRI, Analog) and span count. Diva API.

Dialogic Blue E1/T1 media board targetted at open source, e.g. Asterisk. Diva API.

CG media board. Models 6060/6565 encompass E1/T1 and Ethernet interfaces for voice, video, IP. Natural Access API.


Brooktrout TR1034 dedicated fax board. BFV API.
Trufax low end fax board.
Note that Brooktrout SR140 while not strictly a 'board' is a software adapter for fax over IP, conforming to the same BFV API as the above.


SPCI E1 SS7 signalling board offering DSI and GlobalCall/R4 APIs
SS7HD E1 SS7 signalling board (high performance) offering DSI and GlobalCall/R4 APIs
Note that IP-only implementations (i.e. Sigtran) may use software-only model (MAP, ISUP, TCAP etc) using DSI software and the same DSI or GlobalCall/R4 APIs

TX SS7 signalling board with E1 and Ethernet interfaces offering ISUP and TCAP via the Natural Access API.

DMN, D82, D42, DI/SI specialized boards for digital interface/PBX application. GlobalCall/R4 API.

Synchronous Serial (X.25, SDLC, HDLC, PPP, FR)

Eiconcard C91 multi-protocol serial adapter, 1 BRI and 1 V.24. Eicon X.25 API.
Eiconcard S91 high performance serial adapter, 1 BRI and 1 T1/E1. Eicon X.25 API.
Eiconcard S94 high performance serial adapter, 2 T1/E1. Eicon X.25 API.

ISDN BRI client (ISDN modem)

Diva ISDN USB BRI client for Windows PCs via USB
Diva PRO 3.0 BRI client for Windows via PCCARD (PCMCIA)

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