Dialpad Reviews

Dialpad Reviews (Formerly Switch.co)

As cloud-based communication steadily becomes more prominent among businesses, investors are funding the development of economic and versatile systems that are changing the standard for voice communication. One notable VoIP system that is capitalizing on this trend is Dialpad, a system that grants the employees of businesses the means to communicate across several devices and provides a trial for potential users. Headed by the reputable Craig Walker, who spearheaded the creation of Google Voice and other notable communication services, Dialpad can be set up between your smartphone, tablet, and desktop. The system can also be used with Android, iOS, Windows, Chromebook, and Linux.

Available at $15 a month per user, Dialpad manages to be cost effective and ambitious by using its own voice engine and data center to provide high quality and expedient communication with unlimited calls and texts for its users. These frameworks, in addition to Dialpad’s expansion as a system, were made possible by investors such as SoftBank, Felicis Ventures, Google Ventures, and other firms and companies that raised millions in order to facilitate the establishment and growth of Dialpad as a system.

Striving to be as versatile as possible for businesses, Dialpad finalized its integration with Microsoft Office 365 back in October 2015. Through Dialpad, users can expect to have their Outlook contacts immediately synced through an interface that provides easy customization tools for companies. These tools can be used to set up an entire company directory with users, chat options, departments, and even a virtual receptionist. This convenience also extends to your Google contacts, which is no surprise to those that are already are of Dialpad’s deep integration with Google Apps.

After establishing Dialpad, Walker was intent on creating a powerful, voice-based substitute to Gmail, Google docs, and other Google services. As a result, Dialpad has many functions that are of great convenience to its users. Documents shared between your contacts are visible to you at any time. An ongoing call can be seamlessly transferred to another device. A user can even integrate their profile with their social media accounts, a feature likely made for those who work in a pertinent field for it.

In order to include businesses that cannot divorce themselves from their traditional desk phones, Dialpad partnered with the VoIP phone manufacturer Obihai for a line of phones that were produced with the intent of being easy to install and highly available.

Anyone looking into the history of Dialpad will have no difficulty being impressed by company’s track record. Founder Craig Walker, among others, helped establish a VoIP company prior to Switch Communications called Dialpad. In 2016, Switch.co renamed itself Dialpad. Yahoo would go on to acquire Dialpad (in the late 90s), and with it Yahoo established Yahoo Voice. It should also be mentioned that before Dialpad, Switch Communications developed a myriad of quality products and services such as Jotly, NoshList, Nosh, and UberConference.

Beyond being a substitute for the cloud-based services established by Google, Dialpad is also targeted towards businesses that are still using traditional phone services with extensions. As cloud apps and services are expanding and seeing more use by the everyman, the demand for a more sophisticated, economic, and versatile phone service alternative is inherently apparent. It also pays to state that this demand is not exclusive to the U.S. market.

Dialpad’s growth has been expedited, partially due to users that are comfortable with the other services that were developed by Dialpad. The transition to a cloud-based system has been particularly easy for Nicholas Gardner, the Sr. Director of Internal Systems for Weather. Being a satisfied user of UberConference, Gardner used the trial and is currently in the process of updating the internal employee systems of his company to Dialpad.

With Dialpad currently in a stage of newfound availability, it has been intimated that other businesses will follow Gardner as cloud-based systems become the new standard for voice communication.

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