Diamondcard IAX Softphone


Diamondcard.us has developed its own IAX softphone. This phone has been in use for over two years. Its rock solid stable with excellent call quality. The latest release incorporates call conferencing, encryption and call recording. This softphone has an Adobe Flash user interface.

Softphone is free for download. Click here to download the latest version. It can be used only with the http://www.diamondcard.us service. A pay version will be available soon for individual use with other IAX VOIP providers. A PRIVATE LABEL is available for VOIP service providers. Custom additions and modifications also available. Contact us for more information.


Windows downloadable program.
Interface - Flash.
Protocol - IAX2

Codecs. GSM, iLBC, G711a, G711u.

Caller ID - YES.
Call history - YES.
Audio. Output, input, ringing options.

CALL CONFERENCING - Can conference one or more users. Only limited by your bandwidth and your computer. We have tested it with up to 10 people without a problem. A person can call a USA toll free number, a UK personal number or direct to your softphone and you can conference all of them within your softphone running on your PC! You can one click record it too!

CALL RECORDING - Can record ALL incoming, outgoing and conferences automatically. Amazing recording quality. Generates .wav file.

CALL ENCRYPTION - Low and high encryption choices. Additional details on this will be posted shortly.

SOUNDS - Incorporates the use of "sound skins". As well as the ability to turn on or off sounds for dozens of specific softphone events like "start application", "call established", "call rejected", dial pad tones, etc. through a user interface in the phone. Just point and click which sound on your computer you want and relate it to a softphone event.

FLASH GRAPHIC SKINS! Design your own skins and add it to your phone.

Multiple languages. Can easily add new ones using a text file.

Contact database.
Call history.
Clickable icon for secure login to account. This is nice for use with a VOIP service provider.
Clickable icon for secure call history report. This is nice for use with a VOIP service provider.


+1-303-997-0900 - USA
+1-877-402-VOIP (+1-877-402-8647) - USA toll free
+1-647-722-2117 - Toronto, Canada
+33-176-641-289 - Paris, France
+44-207-100-5767 - London, United Kingdom

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