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VPN Service

The VPN Service is meant to be used together with Diamondcard service. It allows you to secure all your voice calls between your location and our server. For example, let's say you are located in Ukraine and you make calls from your IP hard phone like a Grandstream or Cisco phone. Or maybe from an IP softphone like Ekiga or Twinkle. All data sent between your location and our server will be fully secured. That means registration packets as well as all voice traffic is secured and no one can eavesdrop or listen in on your traffic. Actually, they can listen in if they capture your traffic stream, but all they will hear is lots of noise and will be unable to decrypt it anytime soon. Soon meaning within years assuming they have supercomputers available to them. Now that's what we mean by security.

Not only will your calls be secure but another great benefit is that ISP's will not be able to block or lessen the priority on your call traffic either. The VPN Service also allows your calls to bypass any country specific blocking on VOIP calls too. Many users in the Middle east and other countries where VOIP is blocked can now use our VPN service to easily bypass country specific blocking.

You have a choice of two locations to use for the VPN service. Europe or USA. Whichever is closest to your current location is the one to use.

What IP Hard Phones Can You Use?

1. IP hard phone. Cisco, Snom, Polycom, Grandstream, Aastra, Linksys are some of the popular IP hard phones. Hard phones mean they are physical in nature just like a regular analog phone your parents used to use at home.

We can support any IP hard phone (and VOIP adapters and other IP devices) in any of the following situations:

a) The IP hard phone supports OpenVPN protocol and allows uploading your certificate & key file to it. b) The IP hard phone is connected to the internet via Cisco (or some other) router which supports OpenVPN protocol and allows uploading your certificate & key file to it.

c) The IP hard phone is connected to the internet via linux or win.box which acts as a router. The user establishes an OpenVPN session on his/her linux/win box and routes IP hard phone's traffic through this box.

IP hard phones can be used with the VPN service if they support the OpenVPN protocol. This means the OpenVPN protocol is embedded into the phone within the software. You can administer the VPN Service setup through the IP hard phone administration center screens.

The VPN service is actively developed and we plan to extend IP hard phones support. The initial additions will be to add MS VPN protocol, routing secure traffic over http port 80 and other goodies as time goes on. The next release of the VPN Service will send your secure traffic across HTTP port 80. This way the traffic looks like any other web browsing traffic and will not be blocked. This alternative routing method can be used if your internet provider blocks VPN traffic. Although this occurs very infrequently, we want to cover all possible scenarios.

If you have any suggestions for other additions please send them in to us.

The VPN service is meant to be used in conjunction with our Diamondcard Service and cannot be used separately. The sole purpose of the VPN service is to transmit your voice traffic direct and secure to our European or USA servers.

The VPN Service is a flat fee monthly or yearly service. There are no limits on traffic or simultaneous calls.

It is well known that Diamondcard supports the open source community with large contributions over the years to Ekiga and Twinkle softphone projects. Our VPN Service utilizes the OpenVPN Community Open Source Software Project. We will be donating 10% of all VPN Service sales to this project.

Installation Instructions

Click here to Sign-up Now! http://www.diamondcard.us/vpn


+1-303-997-0900 - USA
+1-877-402-VOIP (+1-877-402-8647) - USA toll free
+1-647-722-2117 - Toronto, Canada
+33-176-641-289 - Paris, France
+44-207-100-5767 - London, United Kingdom

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