Digital Acoustics

Makers of a VOIP intercom systems IP Paging, IP Speakers and VoIP Paging

Digital Acoustics Paging and Mass notification systems incoporate VoIP Speaker and VoIP Intercom endpoints that utilize existing network wiring. SIP Paging is routed via SIP Media Gateway product offering flexibility and integration with Asterisk systems.

Endpoint models include VoIP paging amplifiers to drive external speakers as well as VoIP Speakers and VoIP models with internal speakers. Features include PoE and 'listen in' for 2 way audio monitoring.

VoIP Intercoms and Paging from Digital Acoustics do not require any central 'head end', easing deployment issues.

Mass Notification systems enhanced by VoIP Paging offer savings, security and intergration benefits, such archiving and Text To Speech to tie to SMS.

The company also makes IP Speakers, IP Paging Systems and VoIP Speakers supporting VoiP Paging

The IP paging modules (IP-7) need the TalkMaster-SMG software to connect to an IP PBX, which at time of this edit was $499 MSRP. They do not require this software to be run in paired mode.

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