Digital Acoustics VoIP Paging and Intercom Systems

Digital Acoustics provides VoIP Paging, and VoIP Intercom systems

New product family includes VoIP Intercoms with SIP connectivity, SIP Paging systems and VoIP Paging Endpoints (with and without integrated speakers). Patent-pending IP Intercom technology provides voice-quality audio over local area (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) with minimal bandwidth utilization, and safe redundant backup. Existing access panels and stanchions are easily interfaced to accommodate fast installation and scale to sophisticated customized solutions, suiting the needs of both a small office or city wide coverage.

Mass Notification systems by Digital Acoustics offer real time announcements, pre-recorded messages and Text to Speech conversion to merge SMS with VoiP Paging. for VoIP Communications for Mass Notification Systems, VoIP Paging and VoIP Intercoms

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