Digium DS3000P

The Digium DS3000P is a channelized DS3 card for use with Asterisk that supports up 672 simultaneous calls using T1 RBS signaling or in an ISDN PRI signaling mode it could support as many as 670 or as few as 644 simultaneous calls, depending on how many D-channels are provisioned.

In E3 mode, the channel capacity will also vary depending on signaling mode.

There are no DSPs for transcoding on the card, so its most practically used with a ITU G.711 codec.

Comments from Asterisk Mailing Lists

  • It is safe to say that for non-transcoding applications, any reasonable 64-bit CPU should be able to handle the full traffic load of a DS-3. A 32-bit CPU will run into problems supporting an adequate number of threads.
  • The DS3000P will definitely support PCI-X, and probably bus speeds of 100MHz or higher, so at least if your system has that you will have plenty of bus capacity. Many servers nowadays actually have their NICs on a separate PCI bus as well, so the TDM and NIC cards won't be contending for the same resources.

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