Digium Wildcard TE207P

The TE207P offers an on-board DSP-based echo cancelation module. It supports E1, T1, and J1 environments and is selectable on a per-card or per-port basis.

The TE207P is a bundling of our leading TE205P product and our new VPM450M Octasic DSP-based echo cancelation module. The TE207P is Digium's and the industry's first two-port digital card featuring hardware-based echo cancelation.

The new module enables users to eliminate echo tails up to 128ms or 1024 taps across all 64 channels in E1 mode or 48 channels in T1/J1 modes. Further, this module takes advantage of the Octasic Voice Quality Enhancement to provide superior sound quality on all calls.

Digium has designed the TE207P to be fully compatible with existing software applications and it is fully integrated with the Asterisk Open Source PBX/IVR platform. Also, the open source driver supports an API interface for custom application development. With the combination of Digium Hardware and Asterisk software, numerous combinations of telephony configurations are possible. From the traditional PBX to VoIP Gateways, Digium solutions are paving the way for a new generation of worldwide communications.

The TE207P supports industry standard telephony and data protocols, including Primary Rate ISDN (both N. American and Standard Euro) protocol families for voice, PPP, Cisco, HDLC, and Frame Relay data modes. Both line-side and trunk-side interfaces are supported, also included are advanced call features. The TE207P is for use only with a 5.0 volt PCI slot.

Certifications for the TE207P are pending.

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