Digium Wildcard TE405P

The TE405P is the next generation of Digium hardware that improves performance and scalability through bus mastering architecture. The TE405P supports both E1 and T1 environments and is selectable on a per-card or per-port basis. This feature enables signaling translation between E1 and T1 equipment and allows inexpensive T1 channel banks to connect with E1 circuits. Because the TE405P improves I/O speed by up to 10 times, the result is reduced CPU usage and increased card density per server.

Digium has designed the TE405P to be fully compatible with existing software applications and it is fully integrated with the Asterisk Open Source PBX/IVR platform. Also, the open source driver supports an API interface for custom application development. With the combination of Digium Hardware and Asterisk software, numerous combinations of telephony configurations are possible. From the traditional PBX to VoIP Gateways, Digium solutions are paving the way for a new generation of worldwide communications.

The TE405P supports industry standard telephony and data protocols, including Primary Rate ISDN (both N. American and Standard Euro) protocol families for voice, PPP, Cisco, HDLC, and Frame Relay data modes. Both line-side and trunk-side interfaces are supported, also included are advanced call features.

The TE405P is for use only with a 5.0 volt PCI slot. The TE410P is for use only with a 3.3 volt PCI slot - typically available on newer motherboards and in 64-bit PCI bus architectures.

Data Modes:

Cisco HDLC
Multilink PPP
Frame Relay

Voice Modes:


- NI1
- NI2
- EuroISDN
- 4ESS (AT&T)
- 5ESS (Lucent)
- DMS100


- Wink
- Feature Group B
- Feature Group D


- Ground Start
- Loop Start
- Loop Start with Disconnect Detect


Telecom: FCC Part 68 (TIA-968-A), IC CS-03, TBR 4, TBR 12, TBR 13, AS/ACIF S038, AS/ACIF S016
Safety: UL/CSA 60950, IEC 60950, EN60950, AS/NZS 60950

Note: Finland, Norway and Sweden require that equipment using this product must be located in a Restricted Access Location (RAL).
Emissions EN55022 Class B Radiated & Conducted
Immunity EN55024 ITE, EN61000

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