No longer in business, DingoTel once provided VoIP products, services and true P2P calling.

A woman answering the toll-free support line on Wednesday, January 23, 2007 advised that the company has been out of business since at least November 2007. She was not associated with DingoTel and had no further information about the company or why it was no longer in business. Even though the voice prompts within the call queue announced that DingoTel support was still available, the number is obviously no longer used by DingoTel.

DingoTel provided a unique product called "DingoTel 2Way" for making push to talk VoIP calls from radio to radio or radio to headset. It used to be for sale at Amazon.com for about $29.99. Service is free.


  • See also: Radio for other links between Radios & VoIP

DingoTel's version, released on Feb 23 2007, supports phone calling to any destination.
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