Disaster proof PBX phone systems

It is a known fact that hosted pbx systems are cost effective and scalable. However, an additionally feature associated with this kind of pbx phone system is its ability to remain unaffected by disasters.

A company wishing to install hosted pbx system need to purchase any PBX equipments. All the functionalities of a standard PBX telephone system are provided through a dedicated connection. Since there is no premise base equipments involved, the pbx system can be implemented independent of the physical location. All calls to the company phone numbers are routed by the service provider to the company premises. This system enables a company to maintain its phone numbers for any physical location.

In the event of any natural disaster, a company can restore its communication system through a safer location. All the calls for the old numbers will be routed to the new location. A company thus does not stand a chance of losing contact with its clients, customers and associates. In case, the connection cannot be restored immediately, calls to the company numbers will be diverted to the voice mail system. Here, the callers will be prompted to leave a voice recording. The voice messages can then be retrieved later when the company restores its communication system. This backup system similarly applies to the faxes. Service providers of hosted pbx system, provide the facility of fax mails, wherein the faxes are converted into a digital formatted and stored as file attachment to emails. The fax mails can be checked later on, similar to the voice mails.

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