Drishti Predictive Dialer

A Predictive Dialer automates outbound calling procedure while managing multiple campaigns and leads. With a predictive dialer, the productivity of any contact center can be increased by more than 300% over manual dialing.

It is very tedious to manually call up hundreds of prospects and track information pertaining to every customer. The job becomes more complicated when more than 60% of the calls are responded to by an answering machine, or with a busy signal. And we are not counting wrong numbers, dialing and response time, number of redials in this figure. With talk time of 10-15 minutes per hours, your business is taking a hit because of low prospect-to-customer conversion ratios. Your supervisor may never know whether an agent is actually talking with a customer, or his new-found girlfriend on the net. Moreover, you may also anger certain folks who have subscribed to Do-Not-Call (DNC) lists, or those who do not wish to be called at certain times of the day. Last but not the least, there are no metrics to improve processes or manage multiple campaigns and the management does not have meaningful data in the form of structured reports or voice records for quality and policy compliance.

Our Predictive Dialer solution is an integral component of the DACX Ameyo that takes care of all these and a host of other productivity deterrents. It is a complete outbound solution that can be deployed as a stand-alone product, or as a part of DACX Ameyo. Its comprehensive capabilities including voice recording, quality monitoring, reporting, CRM, and multiple campaign and lead management are designed to increase your contact center productivity by automating the outbound dialing processes. With automation of most time consuming manual dialing functions usually handled by agents and supervisors, our dialer increases your talking time significantly and gives you much more control over your operations.

Our Predictive Dialer's best-of-breed technology ensures lowest dropped or abandoned calls, eliminates unproductive calls (Answering Machine Detection, busy signals, SIT tones) and manages leads and campaigns intelligently. Its revolutionary predictive dialing algorithm (Learnsys™) is based on machine learning. It learns via more than 40 parameters (connectivity ratio, lead quality, agent's performance) at run-time, by constantly monitoring them, and intelligently decides on number of calls to be initiated at any given time. It impacts the connect ratio significantly, scoring around double the number of contacts in comparison to other standard predictive dialing solutions. With advanced scripting, you can provide your agents with the latest and customized data for optimum customer experience.

The dialer successfully meets the requirements of any kind of outbound campaign (telemarketing and sales, collections) to be run at optimum levels with low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), ease-of-use, and deployment flexibility. Its hybrid capability to work seamlessly with VoIP, as well as TDM based technology, allows it to function with any type of underlying network infrastructure.

Architected for high extensibility, it allows you to integrate additional features (generic or process specific) for current as well as future requirements. Moreover, it works seamlessly with any third-party components (CRM, telephony equipment, third-party software). It can be deployed across multiple locations or sites, and can be scaled up effortlessly to incorporate any process requirement.

Visit: http://www.drishti-soft.com/predictivedialer.php
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