Dual Wan VOIP Load Balance


Welcome to World First bandwidth aggregation solution for VOIP wholesale traffic!

DualWanVOIP.COM is the world first service that help customers to combine two or multiple ISP's connections into one link to double or triple the bandwidth to dramatically increase the capacity of VOIP wholesale traffic. The solution support TRUE bandwidth aggregation that every VOIP call's voice data will transmit through two or multiple ISP connections simultaneously, it's TRUE load balancing and bandwidth combining. customers can apply several DSL or WiMax connections from local ISPs and then bridge the combined link to the high capacity ( for example 1T1/E1 30/32 channels ) Cisco/Quintum/EuroTech/AddPac/GoIP VOIP gateways to double or triple VOIP business revenue easily.

Plus, DualWanVOIP.COM bandwidth aggegation service also provides several static public IP to VOIP gateways for free, which obviously is another excellent feature, through it users can get the VOIP traffic UP and running smoothly without being bothered by the NAT and private network issue.

DualWanVOIP.COM service doesn't need purchase any new hardware, it works with any ISP connections, no public IP or static IP required from ISP, it works great with dynamic private IP address. customers don't need deal with the headache NAT traversal issue, simple, easy and straight forward!


  • No new hardware purchasing needed;
  • Free trial available;
  • Real load aggregation - every VOIP call goes through multiple WAN connections for best load balancing and aggregation;
  • Carrier grade service level, extremely reliable, best for 24x7 VOIP wholesale traffic
  • Free public static IP comes with each account, which can be assigned to VOIP gateway for smooth setup and running.
  • 5 years industry experience and support - we are the best service partner that customers can always depends on.

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