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Jan Hostinsky skype ID: inoteska
sales manager e-mail: j.hostinsky@inoteska.sk

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- Asterisk PCI PRI card
- 1/2/4 E1 G704 (120 Ohm, RJ 45) PRI ISDN signalling
- supports OS Linux
- open source module compatible with Zaptel driver
- tested with Asterisk SW
- 3V and 5V 32bit PCI v2.1 compatible
- SW echo cancellation


Jan Hostinsky SKYPE ID: inoteska
sales manager email: j.hostinsky@inoteska.sk

Asterisk PRI Card from Allo.com

This is an affordable 1-4 port T1/E1 card that delivers great voice quality which includes line Echo Cancellation in the hardware. It supports up to 30 voice calls per span full-duplex data throughput over four T1, E1 lines. This card can be used along with open source Asterisk PBX running on a PC, Customers can develop their own IP PBX solution with full feature set of legacy PBX and sophisticated feature set of modern IP-PBX. This card is available in both PCI and PCIe interfaces.


    • 1 to 4 ISDN-32 PRI E1 port with 30 B channels and 1 D channel per span
    • EuroISDN (PRI or PRA) - Q.931/Q.921
    • RJ 48 connector
    • Suitable for 3.3 volts and 5.0 volts 32 bit PCI 2.2 slots
    • PCI 2.2/PCIe compliant

Target Applications

    • Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services
    • Complex IVR Trees
    • "Meet-Me" Bridge Conferencing
    • Calling Card Platforms
    • VoIP Gateways
    • Legacy PBX/IVR Services
    • Voice/Data Router (replace expensive routers)
    • Call Center

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Address: ADRASH ECO PLACE, No.176, Ground Floor, EPIP INDUSTRIAL Area
Whitefield, Bangalore-66, India
Email: andre@allo.com
Website: Allo.com

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