Multi Service Multiplexer FMXM-16

Versatile 120 channels Channel Bank

ECoCoMS provides Multi-service Multiplexer FMXM-16 serie as a compact network element of small to medium capacity. It can be used as a multi-service access system for customer located applications or as a versatile compact wireline transmission systema as well as versatile channel bank and access point equipment.
Multi-service Multiplexer FMXM-16 features:
  • Four multiplexers can be placed in one 19'' subrack
  • One control unit manages four multiplexers
  • Full cross-connect of all time slots and channels
  • 14 user slots in the subrack
  • Software management
  • Arbitrary Time Slot Assignment
  • Drop/Insert options
  • Modular design can be applied in various flexible network and user applications
  • Supports many protocols for data transmission
  • Extensive multiplexing and cross-connecting functions combined with a large number of voice and data transmission interfaces
  • Applications – for various combinations of integrated services (POTS, ISDN-BRA, data etc.)
  • Support of all analogue interfaces
  • Support of a wide range of digital interfaces
  • Built-in BER measuring instrument for each digital channel. Built-in tone generator for each voice channel.
  • Full Asterisk support
  • Hardware filtering of Hook On/Off glitches around the Ring Pulses
  • Arbitrary mixture of FXS and FXO channels
  • Up to 120 channels in one subrack or mixture with V.35, ISDN-NT, ISDN-LT or other type of TDM channels

When used with the new TDMoE Control Unit which implements four (4) TDMoE spans up to 31 channels each one can realize all TDM features metioned above on LAN/MAN networks. As well the Multi-service Multiplexer FMXM-16 can be used as TDMoE channel bank for various soft switch or SOHO applications.


Four E1 Port PCI Card

ECoCoMS provides ZAP4E1 a PCI interface card allowing to process 4xE1 streams in standard or SB computers. ECoCoMS has designed the ZAP4E1 to be fully compatible with the Digium TE405P/TE4010P cards for the E1 standard, wich allows to be compatible with existing software applications and it is fully integrated with the Asterisk Open Source PBX/IVR platforms. Also, the open source zaptel driver supports an API interface for custom application development. ECoCoMS boards are IP Cores based and implemented with only one FPGA with all needed hardware included. This allows a high scalabilty and easy new features to be implemented.

  • TDM channels and frame alignment are performed in hardware (instead of software), for greater voice integrity and reliability.
  • Master clock source distribution for synchronized timing across multiple cards, assuring synchronization of clocks and increasing reliability and quality of data transmission.
  • Zero-latency TDM direct hardware-level cross-connect
  • Field upgradable firmware for future updates.
  • ZAP4E1 supports simultaniously 3.3V and 5V PCI buses.

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