Features Specifications: EPBX - Embed IP PBX
EPBX Integrated Communication Platform is an enterprise communication solution which combines soft switch, IP terminal products and global terminal resources. It provides advanced VOIP & PSTN communication for enterprises.
On one hand, EPBX is more direct-viewing and economical to realize all kinds of voice communication functions, such as Extension Management, Intelligent Exchange, Call Center and Fellow Me etc. You can manage these functions through website. On the other hand, EPBX also combines other functions, such as Soft phone, IM, monitor Status, Communication record, Voicemail and Web Call Back etc. These functions satisfy the technical requirements for the enterprises and help enterprises to cut the costs.

Main Features:
 Automatic Operator Service VIP Operator Service
 IVR Selection per CPN
 Login Authentication & GUI Administrator account (1)Main Line (3 accounts)Extensions (30 accounts)
 Busy Line Indicator
 SIP / PSTN Trunk
 Extension Calling
 Extension Restriction Intra-Network,
 Local, Domestic, and International Calls Direct, Inward Dialing Emergency
 Call Manager/Secretary Functions
 Music on Hold
 Distinct Ringing
 Location Free Extension Dialing
 Incoming Call History
 Outgoing Call History
 Calling Detail Record
 Real Time Extension Line Status
 Busy/Idle Display Extension/ID Display Presentation Status
 Call Transfer
 Personal Ring-Back Tones
 Call Rejection (Call Cancellation) Selective Call Rejection
 Click-to-Dial
 Three Way Calling
 Phone Book Grouping (User group, FXO group, etc.)
 Line Hunt Group (Serial & Circular Hunt)
 Name/Title Display
 Outgoing Line Selection
 Hot Line
 Custom Dialing Plan Least Cost Routing
 Do Not Disturb
 Call Waiting
 Call Hold, Hot Line (Instant or Delay)
 Speed Dial List (30/Line)
 Caller ID Suppression
 Outgoing Call Barring Caller ID (Name & Number)
 Caller ID on Call Waiting

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