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ESCAUX net.PBX is a turnkey Asterisk solution designed for the SME and Corporate customer. We made Asterisk easy. Expercience for yourself and download the ESCAUX net.PBX Free Edition today.

ESCAUX net.PBX runs directly from CD, requires no installation and does not overwrite your harddisk. Your configuration changes are centrally stored on our servers and become instantly available at every system reboot. Simply place our Smart Live CD in your PC, follow the Configuration Wizard and show-off to friends and colleagues with your "Web controlled, Asterisk based, Business IP PBX".

The net.PBX Free Edition is a full featured IP PBX system suitable for Business use. You can install and run the Free Edition on your own servers and benefit from a close to zero cost IP PBX system for your company. On Demand commercial support packages are available to assist you with installation or configuration but you can also refer to our net.PBX Community Forum.


"The ESCAUX net.PBX call flow editor"

The ESCAUX Free Edition is an Open Source project hosted at SourceForge.

At any moment in time you can decide to migrate towards a Commercial version of our product and benefit from our unmatched Service Level Agreement, Guaranteed response and Repair times.


Features added in the commercial editions

January 2007

A new year, a new set of features ! We have kept our promise and are proud to present to you a new set of features. Your net.PBX IP Telephony system is constantly evolving, and the nice thing about it is that this is occurring transparently for you. No hassle with upgrades and patches.

So what's new ?

For the IT Manager

  • Possibility to take a snapshot of the current configuration before making changes to your existing configuration. If anything would go wrong, you can always turn back to the old configuration.
  • Improved 'Prompt' and 'Music on Hold' file management
  • New IP Phone support
o Thomson ST2030 with extension module and Busy Lamp Feature support
o Grandstream GXP2000 with extension module and Busy Lamp Feature support
o Polycom IP 601 with extension module and Busy Lamp Feature support
o Hitachi Wireless IP 5000 support
  • Software-Only Fax Server for inbound and outbound calls
  • Callflow editor improvements:
o Action Auto Recall on Busy
o Action Park and Announce
o Action to Add and remove a member to a call queue on the fly
o Action to Route your calls as a function of a device's availability
o Action to Change the ring-tone in the call flow for Cisco Phones
o Advanced Call Queuing
o Definition and inclusion of sub-call flows
o Summary view of complex call flows
o Possibility to copy your call flow from one server to another server
  • Mass deployment features
o Bulk configuration tool thank to Excel import export of users, directory, phones, ...
o LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory synchronization
o Rapid Phone Deployment

For your receptionist

  • Dashboard:
o Web based application (Ajax)
o Monitor the status of all phones across multiple sites
o Unified Directory lookup and click-to-dial
  • Possibility to supervise your colleague's extensions (Busy Lamp Feature) on various phones
o Polycom IP601
o Thomson ST2030
o Grandstream GXP 2000

For your users

  • Personal User Mobility (PUM), also known as "hot desking" or "desk sharing"
  • Change your status via your phone through an IVR, via a mobile phone by calling a special number
  • Simplified voice mail access with new french announcements.
  • net.Desktop - version 1

o Available end Q1 2007
o Unified Directory Lookup (local directory, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook Contacts, external CRM, ...)
o Outlook Contacts popup on new incoming call
o Manage your voice mails
o Consult your missed, received and dialed numbers
o Change your status in one click
  • net.Desktop - version 2
o Available end Q2 2007
o Instant Messaging and Presence
o Manage your fax messages
o Blind or Attended Transfer

For the Application Programmer

  • Improvement of various API functions like ccOriginate and dbGetDirectoryInfo
  • Run your API queries across multiple net.PBX servers
  • Javascript API, perfectly suited for Ajax developers

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