Create a vitual PABX in just minutes


With Easy PABX you can create your own virtual PABX online in just minutes. Easy PABX is based on Asterisk
Website: http://www.easypabx.com


  • Attended and blind transfers of call
  • Dual Calling - have your mobile call along with you local extension
  • Listen in on calls - use for training purposes etc.
  • Schedule wake up calls
  • Voice mail - get an email with the recording or listen to it from your phone
  • IVR Menus - can be set up very easily. ex.: Dial 1 for sales, 2 for accounting.
  • Hunt Groups - define extensions, mobile numbers etc. for callers to try when calling you
  • Opening Hours – Define opening hours and route calls depending on the hour of the day of the week
  • Direct Dial In – Map DDI to local extensions and configure for dialing SIP Trunks
  • Virtual fax - recieve an email with an PDF file containing your fax
  • Intercom function - make announcements to all connected phones
  • Speed Dialling – You can define speed dial number that everybody can use for ease of dialling. Ex. dial 3001 and the server will call “00353469071189â€?. You can have 2000 Speed Dials
  • Operators Panel to show live which extensions are busy and you can even transfer calls.
  • Call Data Records - Detailed history of all calls made on your Easy PABX showing you the extension that made/received the call and the duration.
  • Automatic configuration of SNOM Phones
  • Ring Groups - Have many extensions ring when you have an incoming call.
  • Calling Queues – configure Queues and ACD groups very easily
  • Queue Identification – see on your phone which queue the caller entered as well as caller ID.
  • Any extension can be added to a queue – you can even have mobile phones receive calls from a queue. It is possible to give priority to the phone members of a queue meaning that lower priorities will receive calls only when higher priorities are busy.
  • Least Cost Routing - Define which trunks to use for outgoing calls
  • Incoming Call Routing - Send callers to to different extensions based on their phone number, area or country code.
  • Conference Rooms - Save lots of money on this free conference service.
  • DISA call your Pabx and get a second dial tone to dial out again - can be password protected or limited to certain phone numbers.
  • Callback have your Pabx call you back and connect you with any phone number.
  • Virtual Users - Use for hot desking and much more
  • Get Phone Number - Give callers a possibility to break out of a calling queue and have you call them back when you are free.
  • Handle multiple companies - invaluable for resellers

Get you own easyPABX server

The easyPABX ISO is now ready for download from http://www.easypabx.com/downloadiso.aspx

All this is also free for the reseller - and there is no "catch"

Yes that is true - we do not charge for the above services and you are free to charge your clients for your services. Send us an email if you would like to hear more about this amazing offer.

How can you do this for free? There must be a catch.

There is absolutely no catch - we provide this service for free because we believe that this is the only way Easy PABX can grow BIG. This is how Ebay, Google, Skype and many others have done it and we have convinced our investors to do the same.

If you also believe in this and want to be part of this new adventure as a reseller then join up now.

Website: http://www.easypabx.com

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