Easy To install Java Based Queue Callback

Java Based Queue Callback

First off, this is my very first time creating a wiki page. So if I am blowing by some rules here or screwing something up I apologize in advance. Just try to help me out.

So a while back I needed a program that would ask a caller in an asterisk/trixbox queue for there phone number and call them back. I wanted it to be very reliable with nice features. Working for a goverment agency I was able to get ahold of some grant money and I hired a pretty smart programer to develop this code with the intention of share it with everyone. I am hoping others can contibute and keep making this better.

Anyway, attached is a zip file of all the code with a word doc file of the instructions to install.

I would appreciate any feedback and if you do use it, please leave a comment letting me know what you think.


Here is the code:

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