Carrier-grade Platform to deploy, control and monitor in real-time Virtual PBX and IP-PBX .

EasyPbx is designed for ISP, System Integrators and SME that can easily control and check thousands of Asterisk/Freeswitch PBX's heartbeat using a friendly Web Management System.

The platform manages different profiles and Levels (Provider, Reseller, PBX Admin, User).

BYOC Architetture on VM Hosting Server with 24H.

EasyPbx is a business-grade PBX software management + IP-PBX dedicated distro: it provides the key system functionality found in traditional Enterprise or SoHo phone systems with friendly and a nice GUI.

Administration and Monitoring performed by Ajax GUIs on Remote Server (VLSRV) completely manageble online.

  • Some Nice Features

1) Service Providers and System Integrators can use their Private Label on the system and control deployment's status.
2) The Linux Distro takes only 350 Mb on HD and it was created from scratch: SIP - PSTN - GSM
3) Automatic hardware identification (PRI-BRI-Analogs)
4) Real Time VOIP and PSTN Diagnostic and Alerting System integrated into the platform.

Offical Site EasyPbx - see screenshot below


EasyPbx is available for Service Providers and System Integrators on VMWare Server.
EasyPbx works on Unix Web Server and it was optimized for large deployments.


VOIPLINUX based on Centos Kernel, is a dedicated Telephony Distro (350 Mb) created to optimize Asterisk and Freeswitch deployments.
The current release version of VOIPLINUX is 4.2, running on custom Server or VMWare.
The latest version is available for Asterisk 11.
Download VoipLinux EasyPbx 4.2 Distro


  • Architetture- Easypbx Business Layer


  • CTI - Telephony Integration


  • Main View-List of IP-Pbx Managed

main pbx.jpg

  • Phone List-Info+Real Time Diagnostic


  • Phone Provisioning-Centralized System


  • Phone Voicemail-Single and Group VM

voicemail elenco.jpg

  • Numbers Management-How to assign extention to End Point

did inbound.jpg

  • EasyDial-Plan- Routes and FallBack

outbound call.jpg

  • Cos- Class Of Service

voicemail elenco.jpg

  • Queue- Quick Agent Queues


  • Sound/Moh- Audio Categories and Compilations

sound management.jpg

  • Profile- CRUD Multi view Access

permission management.jpg

More info: http://www.easypbx.it
e-mail: info@easypbx.it

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