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Company Profile:
Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (commonly as known, Ecosmob) is India’s leading IT Company offering various IT software solutions and services. It was introduced in 2007 to provide complete IT based solutions and services. It has its headquarter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It has been delivering flexible, simple and affordable IT solutions to the renowned enterprises overseas.

Ecosmob Technologies has secured a leading place in the VoIP industry with its next generation VoIP solutions and products. The team has the team of experienced developers who have rich expertise in developing customized VoIP software based on the client requirement. The company also offers open source consulting services. In nutshell, the company provides the design, development, deployment, consultancy and support services in the VoIP technologies such as:

We provide custom design, development and deployment services for VoIP solutions. Some of them are briefed below:

Conferencing Solution:
The company provides a comprehensive conferencing software solution to conduct voice, video and web conferences. It provides custom development services for conferencing solution with selected features from the whole range of features the company offers including, Personalized meeting rooms, Web Phone, Conference wise Polling, Live Conference Viewer, and more. Being an environment friendly solution, the conferencing system is not just reducing the corporate carbon footprints, but it saves the travelling costs and the time to schedule the meeting without any location constraints.

IP PBX Solution:
Custom IP PBX solution allows media communication to take place with the help of a PBX combined with VoIP. The IP PBX software solution is not just limited to call features, but also includes an interactive directory listing, DND, conference bridging, IVR, privacy management feature, etc. Being a web/GUI based configuration, the IP PBX system eliminates the phone wiring and vendor lock-in that results in offering better customer productivity and services.

Hosted PBX Solution:
The company produces the Hosted PBX software solution to administer the communication that takes place without the need of any hardware. The development services that the company provides for Hosted PBX solution includes auto attendant, caller IDs, customized message alerts, fax to email, voicemail, find me, follow me, call waiting, conferencing and forwarding as their key features. Improved customer support, reduced cost of both phone bills and hardware are the added advantages to this system.

Class 4 Solution:
The Class 4 SoftSwitch solution routes the long distance, VoIP calls among the various IP networks. The custom development services of Class 4 SoftSwitch are featured with routing options for LNP and MNP, fax, Class 5 and resellers, generating reports for all calls and active calls, tracking the call traffic capacity, user-friendly web interface, and a lot more.This solution is not just qualified in reducing the costs of managing networks and handling the calls, but it also increases the reliability of the communication process, flexibility in operation and deployment, productivity and the scalability of the carriers.

Class 5 Solution:
The company provides an intelligent Class 5 SoftSwitch Solution to offer fully featured IP phone services by routing calls to the correct IP addresses, SIP addresses and DID numbers. Class 5 development services are customized by Ecosmob, to embed the elements like reliable and well tested system platforms, call features, highly configured voice mails and many more options including emergency number calling, number portability, CDR reports, etc. Class 5 solution handles large number of simultaneous calls with reliable hardware platforms that are used to eliminate the deployment delays and high calling costs.

SBC Solution:
SBC software solution is one of the most important VoIP solution as it provides high security to the signals and the media communications. The custom SBC solution includes features like, topology hiding, codec transcoding, signalling encryption, media encryption, DoS/DDoS prevention and NAT Traversal as their main characteristics. The benefits associated with the SBC system are improved communication, enhanced security, optimized service quality and performance, inexpensive infrastructure and it also provides CDR and detailed reports.

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