Edgewater EdgeMarc 5300

Edgewater EdgeMarc 5300

Designed to be deployed at the customer premise EdgeMarc Series appliances serve as an essential demarcation point for the service provider edge and enterprise LAN.

Network Operations Center personnel use the EdgeMarc Series appliance as a central point of remote diagnostics to…

Determine if IP devices in the enterprise LAN are reachable
Monitor call quality
Perform directed call quality tests
Prove the health of the WAN link
Capture packets to isolate network problems
…and much more.

The ability to perform comprehensive diagnostics at the demarcation point means that problems in the access network are easily identified and problems in the enterprise LAN are easily isolated.

Ideal for medium to large enterprise locations the 5300 converged network appliance includes 2 x 10/100/1000 ethernet interfaces, a 1 x 10/100 ethernet out of band management interface and support for up to 300 concurrent VoIP calls.

Where to buy

EdgeMarc 5300 Series at Telephony Depot: A premier retailer in the VoIP industry's online marketplace.

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