Eicon Networks is now known as the Dialogic Corporation ( see also Dialogic ), and integrates a number of telecom equipment supply including Eicon Networks, Intel's Media & Signalling business (once known as "Dialogic" before Intel acquired it in 1999), Cantata (comprising Excel Switching, Brooktrout, Snowshore) and NMS.

The Diva product line still exists (much as described below) under the Dialogic banner, but there are a number of other media board products as well.

Eicon Networks is a leading manufacturer of telephony adapters. Eicon Networks offers a full range product family with the name Diva Server

The most visible products are, as always, hardware products. However most of the development effort goes into the development of
  • "the best telefony SDK" in the industry
  • different CODECs to be run on the DSPs
  • VoIP solutions
  • The best price performance ratio for professional fax boards
For a list of applications or solutions, which have been implemented using Diva Server products, click on: Solutions

Diva Server Voice Hardware:
The hardware products scale from 2 to 480 channels per server. Up to 8 Diva Server adapters can be used in one server.

Diva Server Fax and Modem Hardware:

NOTE: All hardware adapters use the PCI bus. All hardware adapters are equipped with a RISC CPU and DSPs.


Diva Server V-4PRI E1/T1

Diva Server Software:


Please check the Eicon Networks web page for further details. There you will also find where the different Eicon Networks Offices are located.

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