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Emergency Notification Systems from DSC

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides Call Center Technology products and outsourcing services. DSC is a recognized leader in providing computer telephony phone systems and automated IVR phone answering services. DSC provides turnkey phone systems for small to large emergency voice broadcast phone centers.

Database Systems Corp. provides an autodialer phone system that is ideally suited for delivering emergency warnings to communities and organizations using voice broadcasting technology.

Senior citizen groups, communities, schools and church groups have used this technology to notify its members in case of an emergency. Using our emergency dialers, DSC can deliver phone warning messages to thousands of households within a community, warning of potential catastrophic disasters including severe weather, forest fires, blizzards and flooding. Delivering early warnings to schools and educational institutions during an emergency or lockdown situation is a primary use of this school alert solution.

Using a recorded phone message, households can be provided travel restrictions and warnings, nearest shelter locations, or specific safety instructions. Warning alerts can be delivered to specific neighborhoods or communities in the event of a chemical spill or pending hurricanes or tropical storms.

Emergency Messaging and VoiceXML

Emergency XML messages can be easily sent from existing computer applications, from networked websites or initiated by a VOIP enabled device. Database Systems Corp. supports several "canned" VoiceXML message formats, but can adapt new formats that fit any requirement.

Types of Emergency Notification Systems


DSC provides a family of Emergency Broadcast Systems that can be easily managed online at your emergency call center or from a remote location. These computer phone systems are configured based upon the size of the community you need to contact as well as the time frame in which your members need to be contacted.

Our network-enabled PACER phone systems allow you to build your own network of emergency dialers or join others. Because different types of emergencies dictate the time constraints required to notify residents, it is important that your emergency auto dialer can provide this notification quickly. By combining many phone dialers in a network, DSC gives you this fast response capability without the expense required to manage this resource.

  • WIZARD Analog Dialer - Our analog phone system known as the WIZARD can provide automatic emergency message dialing to small communities or emergency response teams. This series can be configured from as few as 4 lines to up to 24. This enables you to broadcast up to 1500 messages per hour.

  • PACER Digital Phone Dialer - This digital phone system can provide emergency message broadcasting using up to 10 T1 phone lines per system. This provides your community with an effective message delivery rate of up to 15,000 emergency messages per hour.

  • Network Emergency Dialers - Multiple PACER phone systems can be managed by one central program that distributes calls throughout a configured network. Because availability of phone lines changes dynamically, our control software can optimize the distribution of calls based upon the phone resources that are available at any one moment.

Networked emergency dialers can reside on your local area network or can be controlled over the internet. Because there is no limit to the number of dialers in your network, the number of calls per hour is limited only by the resources you have available.

Non Profit Organization Registration

DSC now offers an online emergency notification service registration feature that allows non-profit organizations such as churches and schools to register for emergency voice broadcasting services on the internet. This registration form provides significant savings over normal commercial fees.

Contact Database Systems Corp.

Contact DSC at (602) 265-5968 or use the following Contact Form.

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  • American Red Cross
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  • ConocoPhillips
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