Exgn LLC

Vitelity Communications is also known as iax.cc, Vitelity Communications, and sixTel. Please view the iax.cc page for complete information.

Exgn is a VoIP Service provider that offers local DIDs throughout the US & Canada, Toll Free service and high quality IAX/SIP Termination to destinations throughout the world. Exgn's user portal has been referred to as 'top notch' from several of their customers. They offers many features other providers do not such as detailed CDR reports with realtime balance information, instant DID/Toll Free number activation along with many other non-VoIP standard features such as call failover, serverfail, sub accounts (connect multiple IAX/SIP servers or devices with one account), e411 and even e911.

Exgn is one of the only VoIP providers in its class to offer 911/e911 services to their customers at a ridiculously low price per DID and absolutely no setup fees.

Exgn also provides LNP for Local & Toll Free DIDs.

Wholesale rates are available.

Please visit www.exgn.net for more information.

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