The Easy Way Out

The easiest and by far the best way to deal with SIP NAT Traversal issues is to avoid the problem altogether:
  • Do not use NAT, obtain public IP addresses for all VoIP devices you want to connect to FWD
  • If you must use NAT, use the NAT friendly IAX protocol instead of SIP

Examples with diagrams how to use IAX to connect to FWD can be found here.

Otherwise ...

If you cannot avoid using NAT and you don't want to use IAX, there are still various techniques how to configure SIP clients behind a NAT firewall to communicate with the Free world Dialup Network.

Xten X-Lite Configuration

Click Menu > System Settings > SIP Proxy > [Default] >
    Enabled:  Yes
    Display Name: Your Name
    User Name: <FWD#>
    Authorization User: <FWD#>
    Password: <FWD_PASSWORD>
    Domain/Realm: fwd.pulver.com
    SIP Proxy: fwd.pulver.com:5060
    Outbound Proxy: fwdnat2.pulver.com:5060               !!! note that fwdnat.pulver.com:5082 is down
    Proxy Mode: Normal
    Send Internal IP: ON

Close the menu, then close X-Lite. Restart it. You might not need to do this, but sometimes I find it helps for it to login faster.

Then make sure that your firewall has ports 5060 and 5082 open. You may need to open the port range of 10000 through 20000 if you find that you are not getting 2 way voice communication. Try without opening these ports first though.
Attempt a test call to FWD# 613 to do the echo test. If you can hear your own voice coming back to you, then everything is successful!

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