Failover switches

Failover switches (also called Fallback, Line Protection, or A/B Fallback switches) can switch a circuit between two based on a manual or automatic trigger. Some can be controlled via TCP/IP.

  • ISP failover
    • Having multiple connections to the Internet from different providers can be a challenging configuration puzzle. Some routers are designed to make this easy for simple installations.
    • See the Small Routers with Multiple WAN Interfaces section in VOIP Routers for more information.

The following is not really a failover type of product, but it might be useful for some people:

Description: The single version provides ten identical outputs from a single T1/E1 input. The dual version provides four outputs for each of two inputs. So you could use this to connect one or two T1/E1 to multiple Asterisk servers (where one server would of course not be running Asterisk until the other server is dead)

Software Control of Switches

Most failover switches include software or libraries to control their switches. The majority of these are in the form of Asterisk modules which must be compiled into the local Asterisk installation (requiring the full development tool chain, and all Asterisk source/headers be downloaded). Use of the Asterisk module approach is not ideal for failover scenarious as the module may keep running (eg: watchdog timer) but Asterisk does not process calls.

Some Asterisk clustering solutions include the ability to control the switches above. This allows the clustering software to monitor the health of Asterisk/routes/devices/etc and then make the decision to failover the cluster and connected devices. For example, HAAst ( High Availability Asterisk (HAAst) ) will control many of the above switches and direct incoming PRI/T1/E1 lines to the active Asterisk peer.

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