First professional Fake Calls Detection System from IXC

Some VoIP operators have become really anxious about intensified problem of fake calls, so called FAS(false answering session). Growing dissatisfaction of end users who bear losses not only when calling countries with poor telephony, but to major US and European directions dictates the latest tendency of search for a solution that could quickly and efficiently diagnose and detect fraud programs. And if on average the index of such calls amounts to 10% - 20%, sometimes this figure reaches 50%.

Having studied the market of similar frauds, IXC developed its first professional mechanism of automated detection of such programs. Within the shortest terms, IXC Billing System analyses conversation initiation at the protocol level of call setting-up and voice transmission and determines the presence of a robot in a customer's system. The mechanism detects the presence of a program-robot in the system along the whole chain of traffic resale. IXC mechanism was tested with several current customers of the company and proved to be highly efficient.

The release of IXC Billing Center is scheduled for the third decade of April 2005.

To receive more detailed information about the Fake Calls Detection System please contact us.

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