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Fastmetrics prioritizes your VoIP traffic for crystal clear calls.

Most providers can't promise prioritized traffic for your business VoIP service.

In addition to supreme call quality, with a Fastmetrics VoIP service your business can:
save 30% on monthly phone bills with FREE local calls & wholesale overseas rates

View a list of our overseas calling rates:

Fastmetrics provides two major VoIP services for your business needs.

We provide VoIP phone lines for an existing PBX system or;
we install our enterprise VoIP phone lines & configure Polycom® phones at each desk.

Business VoIP service (existing PBX system)

Fastmetrics can replace your standard phone lines with VoIP lines & port your phone numbers, seamlessly.
We install an adtran that connects directly to your existing PBX system.

Keep your existing PBX & business phone system but save money with our cheap international rates & free local calls.

Enterprise business VoIP system (hosted PBX service)

We install a PBX service hosted by Fastmetrics and configure Polycom® phones throughout your office.
This service we call Voice over Fastmetrics, (VoFM), as it uses the speedy, secure & fail safe Fastmetrics network for voice.

Crystal clear VoIP, free local calls, wholesale long distance, keep your phone number wherever you move, caller ID & other features STANDARD with our VoIP solutions

Call 1-800-724-7100 or visit

Fastmetrics - Business Class VoIP service & high speed business internet

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