Fax Machine - SPA-2002 - Asterisk HOWTO

It's possible to connect a fax machine to a port on an SPA-2002, send faxes to asterisk, and have asterisk save the incoming fax as a tiff file. Obtaining the information to make this work took several days, and is scattered all across the internet, on wikis, newsgroups, mailing list archives, etc. This document will consolidate the information into a single location.

To begin with, the firmware of the SPA-2002 was updated to the latest release: 3.1.5. Although it's possible to serve the firmware file from a linux machine, the instructions are not readily available. A windows machine was used for this purpose, and the flashing was extremely simple.

1. Download and unzip the firmware update and update tool


2. Execute the firmware update tool

Double click on the file "spa2002-03-01-05.exe"

3. Click "Continue" at the warning screen

4. Enter the IP address of the SPA-2002 and click "OK"

<to be continued on the evening of June 30 and 31, 2006>

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