Filtering your faxes

Imagine filtering your faxes for blocking junk faxes. This kind of facility is not possible through the old fax machine. In the conventional system, faxes are received according to the order of sending. Hence one has to go through all the faxes before finalizing on the important ones.

One can avoid such kind of unordered checking using a fax mail. In a fax mail system, the faxes are converted into a digital file format and sent as email. Hence there is no need for the fax machine. Special tags attached to the fax mails allow one to check the sender before opening the mail. Sophisticated fax mail systems even have the option of setting priorities of the sender. Hence, the fax mails are arranged in the mailbox according to priority of the senders. This facility saves time. One need not go through all the faxes. Only the important ones can be checked. The unwanted faxes can be deleted just like any other email. One can even set filters for the fax mail. Faxes can from certain area codes can be blocked in this manner.

Fax mail service comes as part of hosted PBX systems. Hosted PBX systems do not require any equipment to be installed in the client site. Instead, the routing of faxes and calls are done by the service provider. Hence this kind of PBX system can be setup in any location using a dedicated connection. This kind of geographic independence even applies to the fax system, since fax mails can be checked from any part of the globe using an Internet connection.

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