Firefly Softphone

Firefly is Freshtel's IAX-based softphone for Windows, which works with Freshtel's VoIP service. It is based on Virbiage Phones's Cubix softphone platform. Firefly is available from the Freshtel website, http://www.freshtel.net/firefly/download/.

Firefly is known to work under Wine on Linux, although changes to font settings and/or the installation of additional fonts may be required.

Firefly Features

  • VoIP Protocols: SIP, IAX
  • Codecs: ╬╝law, Alaw, iLBC, Speex, GSM, G.729 (via DLL)
  • Music on Hold
  • Skinnable Interface
  • Instant Messaging, Presence, and Contact Lists (IAX2 only, implemented via extensions to the IAX2 text message field)

Dialling methods

  • 123 - dials Freshtel virtual number *123
  • +123 - dials geographical number 123 (note: not necessarily a full E.164 number — the plus is just an escape character)

Third party version

Virbiage offer the Cubix softphone for theming and licensing by third parties. Firefly is an example of such a retargeted softphone, as is Tesco Internet Phone.

Commercial enquiries should be directed to http://www.virbiage.com/cubix.php Virbiage. If you need a version which works with 3rd party IAX & SIP networks, then use http://razametal.is-a-geek.org/asterisk/Softphones/Windows/firefly/firefly-thirdparty.exe

Enabling G.729 support

Added by 'msg' SIP:9202@cybertheque.org on 05-22-2005
— building the g729.dll using open source tools --
— thanks to the developers for the opportunity to evaluate G.729 on firefly --

(We don't have MS VC (but we do have a working MS Win32 version of 'lib.exe')
The build host was Win2k Server sp3/Cygwin 1.3.22/gcc 3.2;

1. create a target directory for the build and create a subdirectory under it called 'ms-obj.dir'
2. download 'g729.zip' from http://www.virbiage.com/firefly/download/g729.zip;
download 'G729.zip' (be sure to not clobber the previous download) from
and unzip them into the target directory

      • build the library ***
— at a 'cmd.exe' shell:
3. cd to the target directory
4. lib /NOLOGO /LIST .\va_g729.lib > lib.lst
— at a 'bash' shell:
5. sed 's+\\+\\\\+g' < lib.lst > lib.list
6. cd ms-obj.dir
7. while read name
lib /NOLOGO /EXTRACT:$name ../va_g729.lib
done < ../lib.list
8. (convert all uc filenames to lc ; eg. use the following script:)
ls | while read fname
lowname=`echo $fname | tr "[A-Z]~np~" "~np~[a-z]"`
mv $fname $lowname
9. ar r ../libg729.a *

      • compile and link ***
10. cd ..
11. mv G729.C g729.c
12. gcc -mno-cygwin -shared -I ./ -c -o g729.o g729.c
13. gcc -mno-cygwin -shared -I ./ -L ./ -shared -o foo.dll g729.o -lg729
— (ignore the many messages: Warning: .drectve '%.*s' unrecognized)
— output filename cannot be 'g729.dll' or linking fails with message: './/g729.dll file not recognized: file truncated'
14. mv foo.dll g729.dll

The dll worked well when tested with the third-party firefly/SIP on a P166/64MB/Win2k laptop with USB headset; I am quite
impressed with the performance of firefly (especially on this older platform) as it eliminates unresolvable echo and
chopping problems we had with X-Ten lite. The G.729 codec is wonderful over dial-up.

You can download the dll from: http://razametal.is-a-geek.org/asterisk/Softphones/Windows/firefly/g729.dll

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