Firmware of GoIP GSM VoIP Gateway

Latest firmware of GoIP and SIM Bank

Manufacturer: HyberTone Technology Limited

Original: China


Hardware: GoIP (GSM VoIP Gateway), SIM Bank, FXS VoIP Gateway

Software: SIM Server, SMS Server

Latest Firmware:

GoIP-32 (32 ports GSM VoIP Gateway):

GoIP-16(16 ports GSM VoIP Gateway):

GoIP-8(8 ports GSM VoIP Gateway):

GoIP-4(4 ports GSM VoIP Gateway):

GoIP-1(1 port GSM VoIP Gateway):

32 ports SIM Bank (SMB-32):

128 ports SIM Bank (SMB-128):

Firmware for other voip device or software:

Please refer to our website:

How to update firmware of Hardware:

Configuration page-->Tools-->Online Upgrade--> put firmware on black-->click "Start"

SIM Server:

SMS Server:

Lead Sales: Leo

skype: Leohybertone


telephone: +86 18576773508

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