FlowVox Asterisk Operator Panel

FlowVox is the next generation of Asterisk Operator Panel software from Imecom. FlowVox is a visual call management software application that transforms your desktop or notebook into an intuitive interface for managing and controlling calls and call flow.

FlowVox allows users to make, receive, park, transfer, and conference calls with simple, smooth drag-and-drop, single-click, and/or right-click mouse operations. FlowVox also includes a voice mail component that enables users to manage voice mails via the FlowVox Client interface, and listen to voice mail messages using their existing PC speakers or traditional desk phone handset.

FlowVox is a Java-based system and therefore can be deployed on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX operating systems.

FlowVox allows you to:

  • Originate calls via drag & drop and single click
  • Transfer a call via drag & drop and single click
  • Park calls via drag & drop and single click
  • Retrieve parked calls via drag & drop and double-click
  • Conference calls via drag & drop
  • Transfer calls to voice mail via drag & drop and single-click
  • Hang-up a channel or active call
  • Record calls
  • Instant Message (IM) Chat with other FlowVox users
  • Organize existing FlowVox users into expandable/collapsible Groups
  • View all ACD queues (unlimited queues for free)
  • Set presence status and see status for other FlowVox users
  • Authenticate each end user
  • Sort My Phones and Extensions
  • Filter or search My Phones, Extensions, Contacts, Park Slots, Voicemails, and Call Logs
  • Play voicemails through PC speaker or desk phone handset
  • Download voicemail messages to your PC

FlowVox is compatible with PBX systems running Asterisk 1.8 and newer. FlowVox supports many different distrobutions of Asterisk, including FreePBX, Elastix, AsteriskNOW, PBX in a Flash, Trixbox, Askozia, and others.

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