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Foniva is a world wide provider of contact center software - often referred to as call center software.
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Agent management in Foniva Call Center Software
Inbounds Campaigns in Foniva Call Center Software

Here are some of the features.

Web based Manager Panel

  • Web based management
  • Remote manager access
  • Agents, groups, queues, campaigns
  • Advanced call flow visual design External database connect Sub call flow routines Playback, dial out and PBX functions Counter, chrono and statement nodes Dial out, mailing
  • Real-time agents, groups & campaigns statistics
  • Advanced scheduled reporting

Advanced Inbound

  • Start, Pause, Stop inbounds from manager
  • Define and assign multiple DID to same inbound
  • Multiple recording mode (on, off, on-demand) and auto recording archiving
  • Restrict inbound to specific hours, specific area code or custom condition
  • Open hours schedule
  • Define different call flows for close hours or disabled mode

Outbound campaigns

  • Predictive, Preview, Progressive, Broadcast campaigns
  • Start, Pause, Stop outbound campaigns from manager
  • Multiple dialing mode (predictive, preview, progressive, power dialer)
  • Assigned multiple calling lists with different weights
  • External database calling list
  • Dialing on specific hours, custom week dialing schedule
  • Many calling list features such as max attempts, redial interval, scheduled call backs …

Agent panel

  • “Zeroconf” multi platform panel
  • Classic call center features Manual dial Multi parties conference Transfer, blind transfer Auto or on-demand recording
  • Embedded SIP Phone
  • PSTN phone mode
  • Embedded browser Multi-tab screen pop Call related web page Advanced call center scripting functions
  • Agent’s personal queue statistics and alerts

Graphic callflow designer


Quality Monitoring

  • All recording history available through web-based manager
  • Auto archived recordings
  • Rate calls, inbounds, and agents
  • Live agents monitoring (passive spy mode)
  • Live agents whisper mode (active passive mode)


Multi-tenant architechture

  • Multiple call centers hosting
  • Advanced & granual users privileges

Extra features

  • System replication and failover for more availability
  • Easy scalability with multiple PBX
  • Multisite
  • External recording storage server for easy replication and encryption
  • External database for statistics and call detail records
  • CTI command line interface with full manager features

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