We are exclusively dedicated to provide state of the art solutions for your company to increase online sales and customer satisfaction.

We provide a button/widget that allows visitors to call your company directly from their computer (using VoIP) in just 1 click.

Our company

Fonize delivers an affordable solution to allow any visitor of your website to speak directly to you or to your company in just one click.
With our product you can persuade indecisive customers and provide great assistance, increasing customer satisfaction.

Our product

Fonize main product is a VoIP widget that can be easily integrated in any website allowing visitors to contact the company in just one click.

How it works?

The visitor clicks on a “Call me” button in your website (s/he does not need to type in their phone number)... your business will instantly receive a voice call on your landline or mobile number (you do not need to be online to receive calls from the web).

Our Website

Fonize - Increase Online Sales and Improve Customer Satisfaction


You can preview the call button on your website with just one click to see the concept and signup and customize the button later.


You can sign up, install the widget on your website and start receiving calls for free.
Check pricing information.

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