Free World Dialup

As of August 31, 2010, the domain name ( is redirecting to:
which is offering a $100 trial of the Nova high definition SIP service.

As of 4/25/2010 the domain name ( has not been paid for (expired 3/31/2010) and doesn't resolve

freeworlddialup is no longer free and charges 30$ per year


Quoting from website:

Free World Dialup (FWD) allows you to make free phone calls over the Internet using a 'regular' telephone or a computer program. The FWD service has over 50,000 subscribers from over 180 countries. You can join today, at no cost, by either using programs already on your computer, or by downloading a free program. Later, an IP phone upgrade will let you realize the total freedom FWD provides whether on Cable, DSL, Dialup modem, PDA or WiFi around town.


  • 2008-08-06 - Pioneering VoIP service Free World Dialup announces $30 annual fee
  • 2005-07-27 - Free Lithuanian acces number to FWD is die. (:cry:)
  • 2005-05-18 - Spanish access number to FWD +34918371702 and +34964049186, dial *2*FWD_NUMBER
  • 2004-08-19 - Pre-release of the FWD Assistant for automated FWD configuration of Asterisk for MacOSX is now available, courtesy of Sunrise Telephone Systems Ltd
  • 2004-08-03 - Libretel offers PSTN to FWD numbers Voxilla Story

FWD is based on SIP
Experimental IAX support is also availible

See more on IAX with FWD below

A number of soft phones work well with this service.

PSTN Access For FWD
  • is giving dedicated UK numbers to every FWD user, no monthly cost, no per min cost, Simply go to the web site, and signup.
  • is giving dedicated us numbers to every fwd user, you have to use it, or it gets closed.
  • eSMS provides free UK numbers which forward to FWD and outbound calling.

It is possible to make calls to US 800, 877 and 866 toll-free numbers through FWD, with outbound gatewaying provided by Telesthetic.
In addition, calls can be made to UK 0800, 0808 and 0500 numbers with the gateway supplied by Magrathea

PSTN subscribers in the UK, Germany, and ??? who don't have direct access to the FWD network can call FWD users via 0845 004 5566 (UK) or 0180 3 05 05 03 (Germany). Other PSTN Access numbers are available, check the FWD Website for more info.


PSTN access numbers in PL (Poland), FR (France), RU (Russia), ...

FWD with IAX

To use IAX with FWD, many have trouble with their suggested setup. As a result, we've used a peer entry in iax.conf:

disallow = all
allow=ulaw ; FWD only do ulaw
qualify=300 ; optional of course

Then in extensions.conf


Alternatives (Now that FWD seems to be finished) - Free SIP and XMPP addresses for Voice, Video and IM using any device or software

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