FreeBSD zaptel

Project: zaptel drivers for FreeBSD


Current Status

*Jan. 2010-DAHDI Port now available
*Currently Supported DAHDI Hardware

Zaptel-Currently Supported Hardware:
  • Wildcard X1xx driver: supports several Wildcard X1xx interface cards
  • Supports pulse dialing
  • FreeBSD 4.X/5.X/6.X compatible
  • Wildcard TDM400P driver: beta
  • Wildcard T100P (T1/PRI) driver: beta
  • Wildcard TE11XP driver: beta
  • Wildcard T4XXP driver: beta
  • QuadBRI/OctoBRI driver: alpha
  • Cronyx TAU32/PCI TAu32/PCI-Lite driver: beta
  • Sangoma Most cards.
  • Wildcard clones E1/T1 (T100P-like): pre-alfpha


  • Test Wildcard TE405P/410P (Quad-T1/E1) driver and commit to ports <== Exists in ports. Still seems somewhat buggy (I've submitted reports)
  • Make OpenBSD port
  • Make NetBSD port

  • Add SMP compatibility (now drivers aren't SMP-ready) <== I've read this is schedualed for the weekend of Sept 17th


svn co --username svn --password svn zaptel-bsd
    • Active developed branch is branches/ng .
    • Main branch is branches/branch-1.4 .

svn co --username svn --password svn


  • Zaptel, WCFXO, WCFXS, WCTE11XP, WCT1XXP is ported by Alexander Timoshenko (sponsored by PBXpress Inc.)
  • WCT4XXP ported by Konstantin Prokazoff (sponsored by SVR, Kyiv COE HQs, Ukraine)
  • qozap ported by Max Khon (sponsored by

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