FreeSwitch Dialplan

FreeSwitch is an open-source telephony application capable of being a class 4 or class 5 soft-switch as well as a PBX. Freeswitch runs on Linux, OSX, Windows NT/XP/CE, *BSD and many other platforms. It is licensed under the MPL (Mozilla Public License) version 1.0. FreeSwitch was written from the ground up as a new application and is not a fork of any other application.


The FreeSwitch Dialplan is not a single entity. You have the option to run natively different dialplan subsystems. These are not all translated into the same backend as other systems may do it, instead they are unique, independant methods for which you can access information.

Unlike some other switches, the dialplan is not designed to be an end all be all scripting language that you put a bunch of logic into. The dialplan, quite simply is designed to take a call request, decide where it should forward to and forward to an application. For example, you can route a call to the bridge application and that application will spawn a new channel and then connect the two channels, it can route to the conference application, or any other registered application in the FreeSwitch system.

The design to allow for multiple dialplan processing modules as well as routing calls to applications which do all the hard work gives you the flexibility to do what you need the way that you need it to work. It does not force you to adapt your infrastructure around FreeSwitch but lets FreeSwitch more readily mesh with your existing infrastructure.



Currently there are no tools for configuration of FreeSwitch Dialplans, however it is known that some are being worked on


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