FreeSwitch Javascript Teletone Generate

FreeSwitch is an open-source telephony application capable of being a class 4 or class 5 soft-switch as well as a PBX. Freeswitch runs on linux, OSX, windows, *BSD and many other platforms. It is licensed under the MPL (Mozilla Public License) version 1.0. FreeSwitch was written from the ground up as a new application and is not a fork of any other application.


Generates a tone of a single or mixed frequencies


  • frequency - a simple markup langauge that defines the tone properties. Frequencies can have a decay property associated with them, which is required for some tones ie the ITU defined 'calling card bong'


var BONG = "v=4000;>=0;+=2;#(60,0);v=2000;d(940,0)";
var tts = new TeleTone(session);

Markup Language



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