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Howler Technologies have made available a software development kit to integrate G.729 into a Windows IP Telephony System.

This allows PBX vendors to increase the capability of their VoIP telephony system by integrating an enhanced G.729 software codec and Transcoding PCI-E card into their product offering. Howlertech also has an iPhone G.729 SDK available. Note: G.729 needs to be properly licensed for commercial use. All patent fees are included in Howler's per channel price

This SDK supports virtually any number of simultaneous G.729 channels, limited only by available processing power.

Why do you need G.729? Because applied to Voice over IP (VoIP) calls, G.729 compresses the audio data to use significantly less network bandwidth than a standard or uncompressed VoIP call.

The SDK includes a complete licensing engine, together with an API for license management. This is compatible with all licenses issued by Howler Technologies Ltd. The WolfPack G.729 SDK also includes free full integration support by the Howler team

Once integration is complete, G.729 channels are licensed on a per-channel basis at $8.99 USD per channel. Licenses can be purchased from the Howler website. Upon purchase, a license key will be generated and e-mailed, along with instructions for its use. Registration of the key unlocks the license and allows the use of G.729 transcoding.

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