GIPS Global IP Sound in the producer of a family of VOIP codecs and related software.

Bit rates: 13.3 and up.

They claim to be able to maintain voice quality with 30% packet loss.
This is the technology licensed for use by Skype.

GIPS is the creator and owner of the iLBC narrow band codec which it makes available under a restricted, but free license. It is supported natively by Asterisk and is being made an IETF standard.

GIPS wideband codecs (16 kHz sample rate) are royalty encumbered. These include
  • iSAC: internet Speech Audio Codec which is a high efficiency variable bit rate codec targeted for low data rate connections including dialup. This is the codec that most closely matches the one described as being used by the Skype client.
  • iPCM-wb: internet Pulse Code Modulation wide-band for higher rate connections.

Internet Telephony Magazine review of GIPS

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