Giptel phones

About names


Based upon the PA168x (PA168S ?) chipset
Comes with SIP, H.323, MGCP and now also IAX2 firmware support.

Also known as
  • Giptel G100 (as sold by any many others on the German market)
  • Siptronic ST-100
  • Yuxin YWH10 A(b)
  • ViDa i Phone-D00
  • Soyo G668

Note: Those may not all be the same phone with different names. That case is a popular one, used for many Chinese phones, both analogue and digital. I have seen at least three completely different analogue phones, with look identical on the outside, in that case.

Compatibility with Asterisk:
  • SIP: Bad luck so far with shipped firmware (, Dec. 2004) and newer v1.40 firmware ( The phone would refuse to register with Asterisk on the same subnet (phone doesn't answer to the nonce= SIP message sent by Asterisk 1.0.2)
  • IAX2: At least the basic functionality works! Don't forget to change the port to 4569 (for IAX2). However qualify=yes would render the phone unreachable, so use qualify=no instead. Insert jitterbuffer=no in the peer/user sction if you are using this with Asterisk v1.2 and you have enabled the new jitter buffer in the general section.


Also known as
  • Giptel G200

Support links (firmware):

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