GP-530 3G/UMTS to PSTN/PBX Trunk

GP-530 PSTN/TEL/PBX To Bluetooth Trunk


1. Voice is transmitted on the trunk that connect PBX phone with Bluetooth Mobile.
2. GP-530 pairs to Bluetooth mobile phone to use directly, it doesn’t relate to
telecommunication provider and frequency.
3. Just use phone to dial, it can be far away the electromagnetic wave.
4. Speed Dial Function.
5. The calling will pass to PSTN automatically when power down,
mobile phone is unpaired or out of range.
6. Volume of digitization and it adjusts volume and gains.
7. Set local code and automatically add code, and user isn’t necessary to change habit
of using the table phone.
8. Bluetooth has functions of pairing and searching automatically.
9. Transmit high quality voice.
10. It is compatible with GSM/CDMA/3G/3.5G/WCDMA Bluetooth mobile phone.
11. Phone/PBX dial out and answer Skype.
12. Use Bluetooth technology, so the connection doesn’t have any wires.
13. Phone (PBX) can dial out and answer Skype. (Dongle & API have to support VoIP)
14. 100 sets phone book Speed Dial & memorize.
15. Don't change the dialing habit to skype out.
16. It has fixed or free transfer function when PSTN transfer to Mobile System.
17. It has fixed or free transfer function when Mobile System transfer to PSTN.
18. PSTN can be set up the telephone 0-9 rings did not answer then will automatically transfer to route of Mobile System.
19. Mobile System can be set up the telephone 0-9 rings did not answer then will automatically transfer to route of PSTN.
20. 30 groups function of Route Database, PHONE side dial out can be set up by the Database, then automatic dial out by PSTN or Mobile System.
21. PSTN to Mobile System, it is has limited dial of function to avoided already seizures.

Voice Trunk Mode:PCM
A/D ,D/A:G.711:PCM Mode
DTMF:Detect & Generator
Metering Signals: 12KHz, 16KHz, Polarity Reversal, Tone
Caller ID Format:DTMF
Tone Programmable:Dial Tone & Busy Tone

Current limiting
Ringing detect signalling reception
Switch hook
Line presence detection

Bluetooth Specification V2.
Carrier Frequency 2400MHz to 2483.5MHz
Modulation Method GFSK, 1Mbps, 0.5BT Gaussian
Output level, class 2
10 meters working range

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