GR-303-based Integrated Access Systems promote increased network architecture flexibility by providing a consistent approach to deploying a wide range of access system technologies in a consistent manner. Many vendors are developing NG-IDLC products that, although they use different distribution technologies and architectures (e.g., hybrid fiber coax and fiber in the loop), meet the open interfaces described in the GR-303 requirements. This allows network providers to tailor the access system technology deployed area-by-area while utilizing core network features such as the LDS interface and Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) operations capabilities.

GR-303-based Integrated Access Systems are intended to reduce capital costs through supplier competition. Integrated Access System products enable mix-and-match among LDS, RDT and EMS products from a wide variety of vendors. The open interfaces described in the GR-303 requirements will help enable the network providers to pursue competitive bids from multiple suppliers for Integrated Access Systems products, thereby potentially obtaining better prices. Network providers need not be dependent on a single vendor to provide a sub-optimal total network solution and can select the product(s) to match their business and technical needs.

The GR-303-based Integrated Access Systems will also reduce operating costs through a standards-based, Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) compatible operations environment that provides remote operations capabilities. Applying the layered approach to network management embodied in TMN to Integrated Access Systems provides remote operations capabilities, such as software downloading and configuration management, that will help to streamline the client's processes for operating and maintaining Integrated Access Systems. Further, by adopting a standards-based approach, vendors will potentially achieve lower costs for implementing operations capabilities since the same information models may be used to support multiple products in the vendors' portfolios.

Additionally, GR-303-based Integrated Access Systems will help increase revenues by providing an access platform for services such as Internet access.


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