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What's a SIM Server for GSM Termination?

A SIM Server solution separate the SIM cards from GSM terminals and allows a total control of the SIM cards and GSM channels.

Who offers VoIP SIM Server?

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Hypermedia Systems SIM Server

• Maximize SIM price plan usage and special dynamic tariffs
• Ease of use - does not require high skill set to manage
• Secure architecture
• Create SIM allocation to the relevant Gateway
• Up to 416 SIM cards per single SIM Array
• Highly scalable architecture and topology
• Specifically designed for multi-operator and cross country deployment

• Intuitive and powerful centralized management solution
• Multi-criteria allocation rules by SIM card group
• Dynamic SIM swap
• Quick SIM card management
• Unique contingency configuration - enables a standalone Gateway operation with local SIMs, in case communication with the SIM Server is lost
• Enables centralized management solution of the SIM card resources for a more cost effective telecom operation and maintenance.
• Enables a centrally managed and geographically distributed GSM front-end that accommodates insufficient GSM network resources.
• Provides better security and protection of business corporate and service providers' economic resources.

Ideal for Telecom Distributors, Resellers and Service Providers:
The SIM Server deployment is managed by an enhanced user interface. With the Hypermedia SIM management solution, SIM cards are not located in GSM gateways but rather hosted and centralized in one place. SIM management becomes quick and easy, and SIM cards can be stored in a secure place.

The SIM server also enables to run prepaid SIM cards. When SIM credit becomes low, the SIM cards get stamped "to be recharged" and parked ready for further use.

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Hypermedia SIMGuard - NEW

SIMGuard offers complementary add-ons for Hypermedia's HG-7000 , HG-4000 and HG-3000 series. Allows for tighter control and fliexibility for the management of SIM Cards and offer the possibility of creating random automatic calls, at pre-defined times between GSM channels and/or gateways.

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RS Topex.jpg


Rohde & Schwarz Topex SIM Manager

__512 SIM cards farm_

Topex SIM Manager.jpg

Topex SIM Manager is a solution that enables flexible and convenient storage and management of SIM cards, for developed networks of mobile gateways. The manager offers virtual allocation of SIM cards via IP from one location to mobile gateways, no matter their location.


Flexible allocation of any SIM to any Gateway at any time.
No local SIM cards need to be installed. Still, the gateways may have SIMs for backup purposes.
Flexible SIM timing settings (selectable algorithms, either time of day based or per number of minutes used).
Versatile space allocation of SIM cards, they can be easily assigned to any GW you want Convenient group-based SIM card management on the SIM-Server.
Flexible SIM allocation according to tariff schemes (price plans) of the mobile carriers. This way you always get the lowest possible rates for the calls.
Avoids expensive trips for on-site card replacement. Also, the recharging of pre-paid SIM cards is performed remotely, from the Web interface of the SIM Server.
The optimum way to allocate any SIM to any GSM channel of any Gateway, anytime you want.
Generates detailed log files. These files can be sent out by mail.
Warnings and error messages (about blocked SIMs for instance) may be sent out via E-mail or SMS.

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SIM Bank with SIM Server

SIM Bank/ SIM Sever

business card.jpg

Hardware: SIM Bank

Software: SIM Server (free for users)

SIM Bank allows SIM card safekeeping, centralized management. It connected with HyberTone GSM VoIP Gateway via internet.

SIM cards no longer need to be installed in GSM VoIP Gateway anymore. You can deploy your VoIP GSM Gateway in different locations. Centralize and supervise all SIMs in one place, manage the entire system from your office.

SIM Bank
SMB-32 SMB-128

SIM Bank_300.jpg
128 SIM Bank with SIM Server.jpg


Major Advantages:

    • Lightweight and Portable
    • Save on travel expense and time
    • Save the cost of 'on site' technicians
    • Save the down time between maintenance
    • Control and manage this system from the office via IP

Function of SIM Server:

    • Rotate SIM Cards on Duty
    • Set GSM Group (Assign several SIMs Per GSM Port)
    • Set Talk Time per SIM, Set Day of week, Set Time Range
    • Change IMEI
    • Monitor CDR, ASR, ACD

Hardware characteristics

    • 32 SIM Card Slots (SMB-32), 128 SIM Card Slots (SMB-128)
    • 1 PC port & 1 LAN port (10/100 Base-T)
    • LED Indicators: Power, Status and errors indicator
    • Reset button for device reboot / factory reset

Lead Sales: Leo

website: http://www.hybertone.com

skype: Leohybertone

Email: Leo@HyberTone.com

telephone: +86 18576773508

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ANTRAX solution SIM Server & SIM box


SIM box includes the following elements:
Sub-rack with fifteen universal slots which provides power and cool the system
SIM-board that comprises 20 SIM cards
Each client has opportunity to choose individual structure of SIM box and use from 300 SIM cards during GSM termination. It is possible to combine GSM and SIM boards in one rack, so it is gsm sim box.

Module-based structure of the hardware of this product opens up a wide range of possibilities to its users, such as:

SIM cards could be placed separately from GSM modules (this option will require high-quality Internet connection between GSM-gateway and SIM box);
SIM cards which take part in termination of voice traffic and sms termination to different destinations/countries could be placed in the same spot, making it easy to control their activity (it is important when you have several GSM gateways located in different countries or in different regions of the same country and all sim cards involved in termination, may be located in one or more SIM boxes placed in the same spot), etc.

SIM cards rotation. One of the optimization algorithms of the system is the so-called Antrax “SIM-rotation”. SIM cards within each SIM box can be divided into groups, each of these groups can be assigned to a separate GSM-module of VoIP-gateway. Over time, the system is able to make changes within each group, changing SIM card which is responsible for making voice calls from one to another. This not only allows you to optimize resource consumption of every single “Sim”, but also gives a possibility to reduce their workload and, consequently, the suspicion of the mobile operators.

SIM cards migration. Antrax system is capable of registering the SIM cards on different GSM-modules with a specified frequency. If you have several GSM gateways located in different parts of the city, system will make SIM card to make calls from every gateway by turn, creating an illusion of subscriber movement, thus helping to protect your cards from blocking by the mobile operator.

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