GXP-2000 Extension Unit


The GXP-2000 Extension Unit is designed to allow up to two units to be daisy-chained off each phone. Each unit provides 56 speed-dial / BLF lines and can be powered either off the EXT. cable or using another power supply unit identical to the one that ships with the GXP-2000. A small switch on the back of the Extension Unit is used to choose whether the unit is the first or second in a daisy-chain.

Grandstream has stated that they have a target retail price point below $100 (USD). - thetatag



Latest Updates

  • UPDATE: (June 17/06) I just got a GXP-2000 Extension Unit. No firmware yet. Uses an 8 inch PS/2 male to male cable to attach to GXP-2000. Same power plug (5v 1.2A) as the phones. A metal bracket helps keep the phone and the extension unit together. Will post more when the firmware is available. - diver
  • UPDATE: (June 29/06): Grandstream says the firmware is another two weeks out for the EXT. :(
  • UPDATE: (July 5/06): Grandstream says the firmware is Alpha and don't know when it will be beta. - diver
  • UPDATE: (July 16/06):With the release of the beta firmware the Extension unit works. One issue is that you can't program buttons 24-56 through the web interface. It stops taking input and rejects the changes. I did not try Internet Explorer. I am using Firefox By using the Windows or Linux config file creator you can put these values in the fields. Once they are populated you still can't manipulate the values on the buttons beyond 23. The changes won't take. I was able to get the BLF feature to work nicely, but without a proxy I was not able to get the SIP/Publish to work. With the Metermaids patch and Asterisk 1.2.10 I was not able to get the presence of the Parked calls (701,702,etc). I was previously ( no metermaid patch) able to get the parked calls to appear on a GXP-2000 (not the extension - didn't have the firmware yet) using:
exten => 701,1,SetCallerID(ParkedCall <701>)
exten => 701,n,ParkedCall(701)
exten => 701,hint,Local/701@parkedcalls
  • This doesn't work with 1.2.10 and meter maid patch. I recompiled and tested without metermaid patch on 1.2.10. this did not work either. Will work on it and let you know. Summary, it is a nice unit with multicolor lighting to indicate line condition. Well done Grandstream.
  • I bent the metal tabs on the plate that you use to join the extension and GXP-2000 as the fit was not very snug and they tended to fall apart. Bending the tabs created a very nice fit.
  • Grandstream (or my distributor - Atacomm) needs to come up with perferated templates we can print on any laser printer when extensions change ;) - diver
  • This material may be better put in the firmware Bug section. I can confirm that Asterisk straight out of trixbox 1.1 has a working parked call presence light on GXP-2000/ However, after finishing the call the light stays on. So parked call absence is not working right. Also the ideal is to have a flashing parked call presence light, followed by pressing the associated button to access the call on an extension. There are clearly issues with Asterisk and parked calls to be worked out - or maybe I dont understand this stuff enuf. -Anthony

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